Southern Comfort with Isabel Estes, RN


Meet Isabel, my new-ish neighbor and old-ish best friend.

We met as wee little freshman at NYU, where we had the misfortune of being placed in what was largely considered to be the shittiest dorm on campus. Truly. Despite the fact that the carpets were dusty, the walls were peeling and (according to myth) the elevator shaft was haunted…we did have the good fortune of being randomly assigned as roommates. The rest, as they say, is history.

Even though we’ve been friends all these years, we actually haven’t lived in the same vicinity since we were twenty. After a year or two of light pestering, I finally convinced her to move into the neighborhood when she was in the market for an new place a few months ago. The other week, she invited Ryan and I over to celebrate her new kitchen by helping her (well, Ryan helped…I just took photos :D) prepare a full, proper southern supper.

Isabel is half Chinese, her mom hailing from Hong Kong. Her father, on the other hand, is a southern boy with deep roots in small-town Georgia, where she spent idyllic summers as a kid feeding hummingbirds in her grandparent’s backyard and learning how to cook with her grandma. To celebrate her southern heritage, she made us deviled eggs, crispy fried chicken, smokey collard greens (my favorite) and a southern-styled mac n cheese that you slice into like cake. It was truly a feast. We chatted about how her magical childhood summers in the south, growing up biracial and how her grandma inspires her today.  

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