My name is Val and I currently live in Brooklyn NY with my boyfriend, Ryan and our hungry cat Mosco. I work in fashion, but really spend most of my time thinking about food.

Yes, chances are I’m usually pondering about my next meal at any given moment. But moreso, I’m interested in exploring food within the context of this crazy, vibrant, and sometimes scary world that we live in today.

Hungry Mosco is a online journal where I hope to share recipes and stories, focusing on everything ranging from highlighting seasonal plant-based recipes to promote a a more sustainable food system, to cooking with people who inspire me and understanding their personal stories through food.

This fascination with eating was instilled in me early on at the dinner table. As the daughter of hardscrabble Chinese immigrants growing up in Chinatown NY, food, storytelling and identity has always been inextricably linked. This blog is an homage to my early gastronomical education growing up on Mosco Street, a sleepy alleyway on the edge of Chinatown.

(…but also to the cat, I guess.)


Here are some topics I’ve been interested in lately. Note that this list, and to a greater extent this blog, will be ever-changing. I’m planning on adding, and maybe even crossing out some topics as I learn and explore. Let’s see where this takes us!

– Family recipes: food as a form of continuous storytelling that transcends time and generations
– Cooking to preserve memories and recreating dishes that inspire me in both in the past and in the present
– Food anthropology – culture & cuisines
– Sustainability: the food that we choose to eat, and understanding how those choices affect our environment and society
– Finding, creating and sharing plant-based recipes that are both nourishing and delicious
– Discover actionable habits both small and large to help us move towards a more sustainable food system
– Sharing exceptionally tasty dining experiences
– General experimentation and putzing around in my kitchen

If any of these seem interesting, and you want to collaborate, throw ideas around or just chat, please do reach out! Conversely – if theres something (food-related) that isn’t on this list that really resonates with you, I’d love to hear it.

Follow the shenanigans on instagram @hungrymosco
Chat with me at hungrymosco@gmail.com

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